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Carbonxide M1

Magnesia Carbon Bricks

Results in Lab & Practice

Laboratory tests at DIFK

Comparison - Microporosity

Posco Chemical R&D Center

Practical results of Magnesia Carbon Bricks in the steel industry

Steel Ladle -Examples-

1.Steel Ladle

-Fushun Special Steel Plant No.1 

-Fushun Special Steel Plant No.2

Practical Test: Steel Ladle - Fushun Special Steel Plant No.1

Practical Test: Steel Ladle - Fushun Special Steel Plant No.2

Fushun Special Steel - Tests 2017

2. Electric Arc Furnace (EAF)

-Fushun Special Steel – Plant No.2

-Shandong Luli Steel Plant

Practical Test: EAF - Shandong Luli Steel

EAF - Electric Arc Furnace

Publication: Henan University of Science and Technology Luoyang, China


Carbonxide additives improve the performance of Refractory materials – especially in the Steel industry

  • Cost &Energy saving

– increased productivity – higher thermal capacity

  • Preserve environment –

– use of more recycling – less use of raw materials and Resin/binder

  • Improved quality of Refractories

-longer life times – less downtime – less waste after use

  • Reduced energy consumption & Less CO2-Emission

– lower thermal conductivity and higher thermal capacity

Carbonxide additives, an innovative solution for the Refractory and Steel industry in-line with the EU-Programme on circular economy


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